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food declarations

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Let our software do the work

Read and learn how easy it is to work with our application

1 Build your own ingredient library

We´ve made it easy for you to save time while building your own ingredient library. Let your suppliers do the job, and get notified when changes happen.

  • Minimize manual input and save time Invite your suppliers to share their ingredient data through our global library.

  • Relax and get automated alerts The system will detect and notify you when your supplier makes changes.

  • Get your ingredient data organized Build your own library of preferred ingredients, and take advantage of our rich library functionality such as status and ingredient groups.

2 Create recipes

Draft new recipes and make notes as you develop it, from anywhere your creativity works best. Write instructions to guide your co-workers in ensuring consistent and high-quality making. Advanced design allows sub-recipes to be used in other

  • Quickly build your recipe with our “search-and-add” Save time as you only browse your preferred ingredients

  • Arrange the recipe items with “click-and-drag” Get the layout and ingredient sequence as you want it

  • Let the recipe guide your production Have them displayed on your tablet or print them out.

3 Distribute your food declarations

Save time and automate your tasks. Connect your recipe to a product, and automatically get mandatory food declaration in compliance with the latest EU legislation. Building on your own recipe, we will give you a list of ingredients in descending order with label friendly ingredient naming, quantitative declaration, nutritional values and allergen overview.

  • “Click-and-highlight” Want your allergenic ingredients to stand out? Just simply click them.

  • Avoid duplicate recipe entries - one recipe, several products We know you. The same recipe is used for practically speaking the same product, but sold in different wrappings and with different article numbers. We got you covered.

  • Distribute your food declarations the way you want it Share your product declaration through our global library. Or e-mail them with your company logo on, straight to your customers. Ask for our help to set you up with printer-friendly labels straight on your product packaging or automated updates to your website or e-commerce platforms.

  • Food declarations up to date

    Our system will help you in keeping your food declaration up to date. Focus on your recipe, and we will give you ingredient list, allergen overview and nutritional values.

  • Your suppliers’ food data

    Avoid manual data entries. Let your suppliers do the job with providing their food articles through our cloud solution, or add your own. Make a selection of your preferred ingredients to save time when building recipes.

  • Create & manage recipes

    Draft new recipes and make notes as you develop it, from anywhere your creativity works best. Advanced design allows sub-recipes to be used in other recipes. Polish the recipe layout with sections and “click-and-drag”.

  • Get notified of changes

    We know you got a business to run. That´s why we have built a system that detects and notifies you of important changes. In this way you can keep your focus on what you love most, and let the system help you with the back-office tasks.

  • Print food declarations

    Automate the summaries of which Allergens that are present in your products. We even got smart functionality to help you manage the risk of cross-contamination of allergen traces in your production lines.

  • Work in cloud

    Get the benefits from working in the cloud. No installations required. Collaborate with our multi-user account setup. Work from anywhere you got Internet, and use the device of your preference. Our design is responsive to tablets, laptops and desktops.

Work more securely

We use a set of security measures to protect your recipes and secrets.
Your data is stored in EU data centres with regular backups.