How to grow your food business better

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We in Myfoodoffice want the world to be a place of fantastic, diverse food, created by food makers of all sizes. We contribute to this by developing software that makes your business more innovative, compliant, and profitable. 

Going paperless in your business is about establishing an upgraded layer for future generations. Digitalization makes your life easier, your business more streamlined, and brings the experience of your customers to a new level. 

Specifically in the food business, by using one system to manage all of your operations from ingredients, through products to reports and invoicing, you can make your life much easier compared to having several systems to manage each of those things above and arduously make them work together. With one resilient solution, all production processes will be built on the same foundation, making your company more efficient. Learn more about MyfoodOffice solution for your food business in this article.

See the outcomes of making your business digital

More tasks than you have the time to complete? Are you used to getting up early and going home late at night to keep your business competitive? By automating all your processes with our powerful tools you can free up your time and still get the important work done.

Another way to know whether you will benefit from digitalization is to assess your key activities. If it takes a long time to manage your key activities, you are under-digitalized and are lacking system support. Alternatively, you just simply have too many applications that either do not fit together, or are just not fit for your food business. With MyFoodOffice, you can get rid of unuseful applications and spend more time on the value-adding activities that will grow your food business.

Our handy weborder and production platform let you integrate your sales activities with your production and make sure your deliveries are efficiently expedited. Stop the manual copy-pasting of orders from your website, emails, and notes. Start letting the system work for you. With MyFoodOffice, you will get one streamlined end-to-end process for your physical flow of food.

Get the insight you need through digitalisation

Get the insight and the tools you need in your decision-making. For example, our tools let you know the margin of your products. Without that insight, you risk selling products you are not making money on. In the worst case, you might right now spend a lot of time making food products that are costing you more to make than what you earn.

Another key element of MyFoodOffice is the opportunity to bring your team on board and collaborate. Sharing data and insight strengthens your learning culture, and it provides a better basis to build your company on. You will also reduce the risk of using outdated or incorrect data. Reliable data makes your decision-making easier.

With the ingredient data from a range of suppliers, your company can save time and money by creating recipes and food labels with correct data. And being supplier independent gives you the flexibility to compare, explore, and as a result boost your consumer trust and brand protection.

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