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Your Independence and Freedom to choose

A freedom can only come from being independent

Being independent also means increased negotiation power, that could help you strike better deals in the market. Sometimes, it is not apparent that the choices we make reduce our independence. For example, have you ever reflected over what it means to you if the tools you need in your food business are provided by your supplier? We see that some suppliers for instance offer you the tools to enter your recipe in their system, using their ingredients, to get the food declaration you need.

One thing is that it limits your possibilities to source ingredients from other suppliers without struggles. You also trust that the data you enter into the supplier’s system will not be used by the supplier to their benefit. For example, the product costing tool provided by your supplier. With access to that kind of data, the supplier could not only get a better understanding of your own margins and how he can tap into them. The supplier can also adjust his own prices to the purchase prices from his competitors.

Being independent, means as well being independent of us. MyFoodOffice is a software as a service built in the cloud with the most recent technologies. Choosing us means a wealth of additional options of other tailor-made systems that can be easily integrated with ours. And they come at low costs, either it is your next accounting system, webshop, point of sales, or customer marketing solutions. Our powerful tools ensure your independence and freedom to choose. Which means your better run food business.

Why our passion for food matters to you

Producing great food every day requires great handcraft refined over years of experience, attention to details, ability to adjust to seasons, weather and preferences, sensibility to the organics and chemistry that food in reality is, creativity, knowledge, and a great bunch of other skills. What does it mean to you when you meet someone you feel that understands you? You don’t have to explain yourself, you can just express yourself, be yourself.

Having a business partner supporting your digital ambitions that share your passion for food means that you have someone who understands your needs and way of expressions. It means better built solutions that fit your needs, and it means a system that speaks your language. Our very own founder Martin Lang grew up in a family-run bakery and took parts of his vocational education in the kitchen. He has been dealing with food declarations, product costing, running production, managing a business and working on getting new customers to his family’s food business.

The whole team behind MyFoodOffice care about supporting a diverse and healthy food industry and are playful amateur chefs in the kitchen, sourdough bakers and above average interested in what our food contains. So when we say we share your passion for food through our leading technology, we actually mean it. Which means your better run food business.


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