Story Odegaarden

The work days at Ødegaarden Bakery and Confectionery has become easier with MyFoodOffice.

They trawled the market to find a solution that could create a better work day everyday.

That choice eventually became easy.

You don’t have to be rocket engineer to use MyFoodOffice.
An hour training and some guidance. After that, things went smoothly.

Anette Lunde, Deputy General Manager, Ødegaarden Bakeri

Ødegaarden Bakery and Confectionery in Vinstra has four bakery cafes and a food truck. Every day they produce goods for their own outlets, 20 grocery stores, as well as canteens, institutions and nurseries. The bakery from 1898 got to the point where they had to look at their own processes, not least because of a lot of manual work and errors.

Lots of automation in the solution

When you started the search, which business processes and alternative solutions did you look at and why did it eventually choose MyFoodOffice?

We actually started by looking at new point of sales solutions for our shops. We thought it would solve some of our challenges, but not all of them. Then, we talked with our bakery association and reached out to bakery groups on social media. We received some piece of advice. We talked with the team from MyFoodOffice and some others, and had them demonstrating their solutions so we could compare. MyFoodOffice appeared to us to be the most modern and user-friendly software. There was a lot of automation in the solution. In addition, the team at MyFoodOffice have extensive knowledge of running a bakery. It is undoubtedly a great advantage that you have a business partner who understands your workday challenges, say Anette Nyheim Lunde and Merete Brendstuen in Ødegaarden Bakery and Confectionary, and continue:

– With the follow-up we have received along the way from the MyFoodOffice team, we are more certain than ever that we have chosen the right solution and provider.

Walks the talk

What about the license fee?

This of course is part of the assessment for all companies. MyFoodOffice is comparably at the same level as alternatives. However, gradually the license fee became less and less relevant in our evaluation of options. MyFoodOffice was in its own class presenting their solution and highlighting our savings and benefits. It was done in a way that was based on our company and our situation. And then some might think that it is a typical seller who oversells and who fails to deliver afterwards, but that has not been the case. MyFoodOffice has delivered on all aspects afterwards and we are very satisfied with both system and provider , says Anette Nyheim Lunde at Ødegaarden Bakeri og Konditori.

Easy to use

Anette Nyheim Lunde has configured their solution with customers, products and prices, and made ready for daily use at her.

– You don’t need to be a rocket engineer to use MyFoodOffice. We had an hour’s training with the employees. After that, I guided them a bit when they started to use the system. After that, things went smoothly, says Lunde.

Anette Nyheim Lunde (right) and Merete Brendstuen in Ødegaarden Bakeri og Konditori are amazed at how easy the transition to MyFoodOffice was. The bakery is already seeing the effect and expects to save time going forward.

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