Create a new product from a new or existing recipe

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To create a new product go to Products in the left side menu. Then on the Product page choose “Add new Product” in the upper right corner .

Choose if you want to create from a new or existing recipe

After pressing “Add new Product” you will be given two choices:

  • Create a brand new product with a brand new recipe (A) 
  • Or you already have created a recipe and you want to create a product variant with the existing recipe (B).
  1. (A) Create a new product with a new recipe

If you choose to “create a new 

product with a new recipe” the system will  ask you to enter information about the product you are creating. 

Product name and product Number are required otherwise you are not allowed to create a product. 

This option creates a product and recipe at the same time.

(B) Create a new product from an existing recipe

Choosing this option you are given a table to select an existing recipe. 

Start to type to find the desired recipe.

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