What are the General Requirements for a food declaration?

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MyFoodOffice is built to accommodate the basic requirements in the European food legislation, specifically EU 1169/2011. Our main functionality is focused on the following three requirements

  • List of ingredients in descending order
  • Nutritional Values
  • Allergen types

Here you can learn more about each of these requirements and how MyFoodOffice helps you.

Some important resourses

Regulation 1169/2011

European Food Safety Authority

European Commission – Food Safety

There could be special requirements for particular types of food following from legislation or local trade agreements or industry standards that MyFoodOffice does not cover yet. We are continuously developing our software, and if we don’t cover your requirements we are more than happy to listen to your ideas.

You need to set up a product with a related recipe to get a food declaration made for you. Please read here to learn how to build a product in our system.

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