What is the difference between recipe and product

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A recipe is a list of ingredients you blend together to make a product. A recipe can also be used as an ingredient in other recipes. For example, a filling or a sponge bun you add to a cake, together with marzipan and jam. A product is a defined size of the recipe. It is the sales unit. The recipe may produce 8 kg dough, whereas the product is made out of 800 gram dough. In the system, a recipe can be related to product variants. For example, you might use the same dough for two types of products, large and small breads. This means you have the following three options when you want to make something new in MyFoodOffice A new product with a new recipe: By choosing this option, you will both define the recipe and the sales unit. A new product from an existing recipe: You already have defined the recipe for a type of bread, and now you just want to add a different sales unit. A recipe, if this recipe is an intermediate product, for example a filling. The filling is used in other recipes, but it is not sold directly to consumers.

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