Based in the heart of Oslo

MyFoodOffice is part of StartupLab, Norway’s leading tech incubator, located at Oslo Science Park. With a similar distance to the sea, the city center and the beautiful Marka green area, it is truly the ideal place to work, or to come for a meeting.

Launched in 2018

By working closely with the whole value chain and by solving real challenges, we established a strong presence in the Norwegian bakery industry within a short time of launching our solution.

We want a world with a diverse selection of fantastic food, created by food producers of all sizes. We support that by building accessible tools that make food producers more innovative, compliant, and profitable.

Meet our team

Martin Lang CEO

Martin has been involved his whole life in a family-run bakery. As a graduate from leading business schools in Norway and Britain, he quickly advanced as a consultant at PwC, helping global companies tackle complex business and operational challenges.

​Martin enjoys a good night out with friends as much as he likes hiking in the wilderness. When he has time, he loves cooking and on rare occasions, he brings out his tuba to play a tune or two.​

Vadim Sokolov CTO

There is no longer any puzzle Vadim would not be able to solve before you have read this sentence through, having a decade of experience from working on some of the most challenging projects you could think of.

​Humble as any footman from the British aristocracy, this guy knows more of life than what you can guess. Having tasted more than 1,000 different brews, Vadim is a walking library. Join him for a night out and you might get lucky and learn one thing and another about beers from this tech star.

Meisam Mirkahromi 
Lead Developer

Meisam is our frontend developer, who is in charge of developing new functionality and improving existing ones. He has been working in several capacities in different countries and is in love with Iranian Classical Music.

Arne Pedersen 
Front End Developer

Arne is our first front-end developer who joined the company. Apart from being a member of the technical team, he has brought his knowledge based on his prior extensive experience in retail and distribution to the table. With his eyes for details, we can craft every piece of our platform pixel-perfect. He loves landscape photography and he is an official Avocado evangelist.

Hana Vetráková Business Developer

Hana is a foodie with a tremendous passion for tasty food. In her spare time, she is improving her sourdough bread baking skills or reading books.

Hana takes every task as an opportunity to challenge herself. She is not afraid of stepping out of her comfort zone, proving this with exchange studies in Spain and also moving to Oslo to join MyFoodOffice.

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FoodSoft AS
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