How do I calculate Waterchange?

ENG: You can calculate water loss by weighing the product before and after heat treatment.These two weights (before and after), or alternatively % loss, are entered into the system.The system will then subtract the water loss first from the added water, before distributing it to the other ingredients.This has an effect on both the list …

Product Page Navigation

On the product page, there are several widgets that show various information about the product. General, Cost, Food, Others… and you can add as many Widgets as you like.

How is the Ingredient List generated

The Ingredient List is generated based on the ingredients you entered when creating your recipe. Ingredients are shown in  descending order. That means, the ingredient that has the largest proportion of the recipe is displayed first. The following ingredients then have a smaller proportion.

How to import ingredients from the global library?

To import ingredients from the global library go to Ingredients in the right side menu. And navigate to the button “Import a new ingredient” you will then enter the global library, from where you can import ingredients as you like. You can import one ingredient or more at a time.

What is a global library?

Global library is a collection of more than 5000 ingredients that MyFoodOffice provides to you from the suppliers (in Norway only) or from an official database (Italy).