How to display sub recipes as compound ingredient in the Ingredient List

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This is the case if you use in your product a sub recipe and this sub recipe has of course its own composition. For example if your regular recipe contains flour and the sub recipe also, how can you display this in the Ingredient List?

To do this, you must create the original recipe and the sub recipe in your Recipes. Enter the ingredients as they are given for the original recipe and then create the sub recipe and add the sub recipe as an ingredient of the original recipe.

In the end of the creation go to the Product page of the product with a sub recipe and quid the sub recipe (meaning to mark the sub recipe in the QUID column) and save it. Now you see the Ingredient list has changed. If you have a recipe with a sub recipe and you do not quid the sub recipe in the final recipe, the ingredients will be displayed in descending order with no emphasis on whether it is a part of the original recipe or a part of the sub recipe.

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