Geheb making quantum leaps with new technology

Kjetil Hodne (right) and Martin Lang from MyFoodOffice have found the tone and will now fully digitalize nine bakery companies in Southern Norway.
Photo: Jon-Are Berg-Jacobsen, Vest Vind Media

9 bakeries along the southern coast of Norway are joining forces
to fully digitalise their bakery operations.

The only way to get full force and effect from our business strategy
is to have business systems supporting it.

Kjetil Hodne, CEO, Geheb Bakery Group

Tapping into technological opportunities

 We have been looking for a new business platform for our overall bakery operations for some time. We see that the technology is making quantum leaps. This opens up new opportunities that we want to exploit, says CEO Kjetil Hodne.

He explains how the technological advancements also create new demands.

 One example is how digital sales in combination with physical outlets require new ways of working, both for handling product information, sales orders and physical flow of goods. If our bakeries are to continue to be in the lead, it is extremely important that we have both flexible and robust business systems as a supporting foundation, Hodne points out.

Strengthens the entire organisation

Kjetil Hodne has had good help from the management team during the sourcing process, in which several alternatives have been evaluated.

 We want to strengthen the collaboration and interaction within our organisation, creating a culture of continuous learning and development, says HR manager Kine Rohnen. As responsible for all of our human resources, I want a platform that can lift the entire business, not just individual parts.

Strategy first

The bakery group owns several local bakeries, in which certain functions are organised centrally. Kjetil Hodne elaborates.

 Our whole strategy is to build strong local brands. Our central functions come in the background of the local bakery. If the strategy is to work in practice, we must have business systems as a foundation that support this, so that we get full force and effect out into the market.

Extended sourcing process

The management team chose an extended sourcing process in which a selection of solution providers were assessed on both current and future technology, industry knowledge and license level, explains the HR manager.

 We have had an open dialogue with other bakeries about their experiences in similar processes. It is always helpful to listen to those who have been through this before. It gave us some important criteria that we could use as a basis when we made our choices, explains Kine Rohnen.

Unequivocal choice

The nine bakeries considered five alternative solutions, which were later narrowed down to two. In the end, the choice fell on MyFoodOffice.

  It is rare that such large deals are in motion in the Norwegian baking industry. We take it as an important recognition of MyFoodOffice as a complete business platform, says general manager of MyFoodOffice, Martin Lang.

Together with Kjetil, Kine and their bakeries, MyFoodOffice will continue to lead the way in the digitalisation of food operations. This is the best way we can strengthen the bakery and food making industry, and we are proud and grateful that we can be part of that journey, concludes Martin Lang.

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