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Anders Voll, CEO, Romsøes Conditori
Photo: Kristofer Ryde, Negative

The pandemic struck like a tsunami. The team turned over every stone.
Searching for ways to strengthen their business.

Just by switching to MyFoodOffice,
we saved one person-year.

Anders Voll, CEO, Romsøes Conditori

Romsøes Conditori is a time-honoured pastry maker based in Stavanger, Norway. Like many others, they got a a tough time when the pandemic came. They shut down the whole company, and gradually opened as they got used to covid regulations.

The closure set in motion a number of processes in the traditional company. They turned over every stone to streamline and improve the company in order to be best equipped for the future. They shut down two unprofitable outlets, went through the product range, production processes and logistics. All parts of the company were carefully evaluated. CEO of the company, Anders Voll, explains how dramatic the situation were.

We were soon celebrating our 100th anniversary as a company. However, when Norway shut down we had doubts whether we would ever be able to celebrate the big anniversary. The situation necessitated a quick and swift response.

The introduction of MyFoodOffice was one of many measures to make the business more efficient.

Wanted to streamline

– When we sat down to look for improvements, it was also natural to evaluate the production and order system thoroughly, says Anders and continues:

– We wanted to make it more efficient. We were looking for a future-oriented and cloud-based system. We found that in MyFoodOffice. Now we can work from anywhere and are not bound to sit in the office. It gives greater flexibility and makes it easy to do tasks in the evening and at the weekend if necessary, without going to work. Not least, it provides the desired flexibility during holidays, when you are travelling or in case of illness. The system has been an unconditional advantage during the pandemic.

Anders Voll demonstrating the use of My Food Office.
Foto: Kristofer Ryde, Negative

– This was a choice to prepare the company for going forward. We wanted everything in one system. Now we have labels, allergens, recipes and data in one integrated system with our sales and production. The transition to a new system also gave us a useful review of products and routines. The system worked from day one and has given us a new everyday life, says Anders, who is the second generation in the company.

With My Food Office, Romsøes Conditori has gained full control and a good overview.
Foto: Kristofer Ryde, Negative

Saves one people-year

– How much time do you save with My Food Office?

– We save about 2-3 hours per day in the office. Before, we had to call and hustle to get today’s orders in. In addition, each of our five stores probably saves an hour each. If we add this up, we save approximately one people-year that can be used for other tasks in the company.

– With the new system, a lot of manual work has disappeared. Weekly lists, order lists, main orders for the next day – our shops and B2B customers manage everything themselves. With a few clicks, the orders are automatically transferred to our accountant for invoicing and payment collection.

– In addition, we also like that MyFoodOffice is forward-looking and thinking about further development of the software and functionality. I have heard talks of a new module to reduce waste in the bakeries. It’s something we really want to be involved in. We appreciate having a business partner who understands our challenges and who contributes to our development as a company and sets new standards for the industry, concludes CEO Anders Voll.

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