Water Loss Tool

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Are you running a factory, bakery or just want to bake bread at home? Are you curious about the losses that occur while baking a loaf of bread? Then keep reading..

If you think about it, it makes sense, during baking and cooking there must be some water evaporating because of the heat in the oven creating different weights before and after baking. 

The bread dough loses weight by giving off gasses and moisture. Dough also loses weight during  proofing, baking and cooling. These losses must be taken into consideration when constructing a bread formula. To the losses during baking in the oven, it is necessary to add the losses caused by drying in the dispatch before the pastry reaches the shelf of the store, where it must have the declared weight for the customer for labeling purposes. Some of factors of these losses are loaf weight, dough shape and crust to crumb ratio. It even depends on the type of flour you use !

But how to calculate these losses accurately? We are introducing a tool that makes this work for you !

We have now launched a quick and easy way to calculate water loss, for example from dough to finished bread. The functionality is available to all our users and the functionality can be found in your product catalog tab.

There are several ways to the goal and we have arranged for you to calculate the water loss in several ways. 

  • You can also set a percentage based on previous measurements you have performed.
  • You can also set a percentage based on previous measurements you have performed.

Now that you know the percentage, it’s time to allocate where the water loss should be registered, and you can do this in two ways:

  • Distribute the water loss evenly on all the ingredients 
  • Allocate the water loss to a liquid ingredient

This results in an even more precise calculation of yield, nutritional value and ingredient list. 

If you have questions, rice or praise do not hesitate to get in touch!

Greetings from all of us in the MyFoodOffice team!